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For many people in the medical profession, finding the best price for a property can be challenging. We specialize in helping medical professionals with their mortgage-related needs.

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Our company understands that medical professionals have access to special loans when they purchase their home. You can be assured our dependable staff will provide you with the specific guidance you require.

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A medical home loan is a mortgage loan created for doctors and other medical professionals. This loan is based on the possibility of future income, making it more popular with new physicians with high student loan debt.

We cater to a variety of clients in the medical profession, including:

  • Physicians (MD)
  • Physicians Assistants (PA)
  • Optometrists (OD)
  • Nurse Practitioners (NP)
  • Nurse Anesthetists (CRNA)
  • Chiropractors (DC)
  • Podiatrists (DPM)
  • Pharmacists (PA)
  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • Veterinarians (DVM)
  • Medical Researchers

Among other things, the biggest benefits are that most medical home loans require little to no down payment and help reduce monthly expenses by waiving monthly PMI (mortgage insurance).

As soon as you start weighing your options for the next place you’re going to live! It’s best to get fully pre-approved first and see what your monthly payment and closing costs will look like. Then, you’ll be able to make the strongest offer possible on your potential new home!

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Our Trusted Partners

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